Setting Up the Jabo Console

In this page are very important setting up and calibrating information to all Jabo console owners. Regardless of whether you have IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles, Cliffs of Dover, Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) or even War Thunder: read this page first and then map your console according to special characteristics of it!

Some Tips To the IL-2 Sturmovik Games:

Jabo console is planned primarily for fighters and attackers but it also works good with the twin engine aircrafts. However, the consoles have only on throttle lever and one RPM lever because in almost every case both engines must give the same power for normal operation. If you only need to adjust the throttle or RPM of another (eg. damaged) engine, you can do so very easily: Select Engine 1 or 2 from the engine selection buttons and use the throttle or RPM levers to lower only the power of the damaged engine. Then you can select both engines to run again and fly with different engine powers.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console has 60 buttons and 8 axes.

The image above show in red color all the eight axis of the console that must first be calibrated according to the instructions below. To open an image to print, right-click over the picture and select Open Image in New Tab.

The switches marked with blue button numbers 01 - 64 are directly understood by IL-2 Sturmovik GB so they are only mapped with the in-game Key Mapping function like all other game controllers.

The Jabo console features also two special rotary encoders on the MJ16 circuit board, labeled with yellow button numbers 97-100 and 105-108. These two rotary encoders need to be mapped with Joystick Gremlin and vJoy for IL-2 Sturmovik games to understand them but they do not necessarily need to be implemented.

Some Important Things!

  • Never push the USB connector too deep or forcibly into the console connector! It may break the solder on the connector on the circuit board.
  • Never use force with the small 4-way thumb switch at the end of the throttle grip. Don't push it too much to its limits, it makes contact with the very soft and small movements.
  • When removing the trim wheel use use for ex. a screwdriver and press it against the end of the shaft. Then pull the trim wheel away the potentiometer arm. Look at the pictures in the end of this page!

Notice this!

  • The four metal On-Off toggle switches on the front of the console (buttons 01, 02, 07 and 08) are returned to the Off position (switch back) after use, as they only signal in the On position (switch forward).
  • The red 6-position rotary switch Off-positions are at the extremes of the rotary movement, it can be left in either position (buttons 11-14 = light pistol flares in IL-2 Sturmovik GB)
  • The six small black slider switches on the left side of the console (buttons 25-32) and behind the handles (buttons 45-48) must always be returned to the middle position after use.
  • Six metal switches with the plastic color coded knobs must always be returned to the middle position (Off) after use. These are propeller pitch (buttons 33-34), oil and water radiators (buttons 35-38), supercharger and yurbo supercharger (buttons 39-40). Same with the gears Up/Down (buttons 03-04) and flaps up/down (buttons 05-06).

If these switches are left in the On position, they may cause error signals in other button signals in the same group!

USB cable

USB cable is not included with the console. Throttle Console has an USB 2 type B connector as in this picture below. You find suitable (length) USB cable to your home cockpit from warehouses or computer accesories online shops.

USB 2 type B cable.

Calibrating Axes With the Windows Game Controls Setup

You must calibrate all the eight axes og the console carefully with the instructions below. It is also good to check calibration sometimes for ex. before important missions or after a long period without using it. Open Devices and Printers and select the Game Controllers Setup. Click the icon with the right mouse button and select the Game Controls from the list.

Game Controls Setup

Select the throttle console from your Installed game controllers list, it can be named as KK02, MJ16 or OJ16 depending on your Windows version. Click then Properties and the Properties window is opening.

Game Controls Setup

Click Settings and then Calibrate - The Game Device Calibration window opens. Click Next.

Next window asks you to "Leave the handle centered" but it means the conventional joystick's handle. With the throttle console you must center the two potentiometers which are X-axis = Rudder trim and Y-axis = Roll trim. Center both potentiometer knobs visually and roughly to the 12 o'clock position and click then Next.

Game Controls Setup

In the next window tick the "Display Raw Data". Rotate both pots to full clockwise (open) and then full counter clockwise (close) couple of times. The numeric Raw Data values should be between 495 / minus 512 for both axes. After that center both pot knobs again to the Raw Data value "0" (about). Click then Next and follow the Windows instructions.

Game Controls Setup

The following is Z-axis which is used as an Oil radiator (+ Outlet Cowls Shutter) in the examples. Follow the instructions and rotate the pot first full open (clockwise) and then full close (counter clockwise). Follow the Raw Data values, they should be about 495 / minus 512. Click then Next.

Calibrate the X-rotation similarly as above: The pot is next to the Z axis and it's the Water radiator (+ Inlet Cowls Shutter). Rotate it full open and full close. Follow the Raw Data values, they should be between 495 / minus 512. Calibrate similarly the two pots on the consoles long right side: Y-rotation (Mixture) an Z-rotation (Stabilizer and Elevator trim wheel). Follow the Raw Data values, they should be between 495 / minus 512.

At last calibrate Dial (big Throttle-lever): push it forward full open and then pull it backward full close. Do the same to Slider (small RPM-lever): follow the Raw Data values, they should be roughly between 430 / minus 430 or more (individual varialbe values are because they are working with small magnets and "eternal" hall sensors). Click then Next and Ready. Click OK and calibrating has done!

You can always check the calibration with the Properties -window: Move all the axes one by one and check that those red bars (and the cross in the X/Y-square) are moving smoothly from full close to full open.

Removing the Trim Wheel

Removing the trim wheel using a chisel head screwdriver as an aid. Place the risers under the console so that the pot knobs below are not damaged.

Removing the trim wheel using a chisel head screwdriver as an aid.

Installing the Trim Wheel

Press the trim wheel into place on it's shaft manually. Place the risers under the console so that the pot knobs below are not damaged.

Press the trim wheel into place on its shaft manually.

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Universal IL-2 Mapping to Jabo Console

Key mapping plan below is updated 8th of June 2021. To open an image to print, right-click over the picture and select Open Image in New Tab.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console - Universal key mapping plan to the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles and CloD games and flight simulator.

IL-2 Great Battles Game Mapping Examples

These game mapping example pictures are from my personal setup. Click the image icons below and scroll through them with the arrow icons on the right and left side of the images. I have used the same colors in the button numbers/texts (blue) and axes (red) as in the Axes/Buttons/Switches image at the beginning of this page so switches and axes are easier to find. Other game controllers such as the joystick have white text.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console service controls.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console Plane controls.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console Plane engine controls.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console Weapons controls.

You can map your jabo console at first like me and later when you are more familiar with your console you can use some of your own mapping ideas. For ex. my mapping example buttons 27/28 are both assigned to Altimeter: preference pressure toggle. After that, it’s the same even if you move the switch in either direction.

Joystick Gremlin And vJoy installation

If you want to use those special two rotary encoders (yellow numbers) with the IL-2 Sturmovik GB you must download and install these two free applications. Also if you fly the Il-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover you need these applications to map all the buttons over number 32 because CloD understands only 32 button functions from 1 to 32 (it's an old game). With the DCS you don't need these softwares because it reads 128 button functions straight from your console. Follow these installations and read the written instructions carefully no matter what game you have!

Download Win 10 ver 1903 vJoy application.

NOTICE! Download and install vJoy virtual controller at first. Use the correct installation depending on your Windows OS version!

NOTICE! If the vJoy setup is not going to finish and nothing happens, you must disconnect all your USB devices and try it again. Installation is completed when the "succesful installation" message is shown!

Download Joystick Gremlin application.

NOTICE! Download and install Joystick Gremlin after you have installed vJoy. Link above is to all Windows versions 7, 8 and 10 Joystick Gremlin installation.

Joystick Gremlin is a program that allows the configuration of joystick like devices, similar to what CH Control Manager and Thrustmaster's T.A.R.G.E.T. do for their respectively supported joysticks. However, universal Joystick Gremlin works with any device from different manufacturers or custom devices that appears as a "joystick" to Windows.

Joystick Gremlin uses the virtual joysticks provided by vJoy to map physical to virtual inputs and apply various other transformations such as response curves to analogue axes. In addition to managing joysticks, Joystick Gremlin also provides keyboard macros and many other features. You can read Joystick Gremlin's Comprehensive English instructions from here!

After installing those two sofwares go to default folder C:\Program Files\Vjoy\x64 and open vJoyConf.exe configuration application. Copy all the same values (numbers) and bookmarks to your Configure VJoy Devices window which are in the picture below. Click then Apply and close the application, it is ready done!

Configuring VJoy.

VJoy is a virtual gaming controller which is an universal interface between the Throttle Console and the simulator or game. You can use it with all your virtual cockpit devices as joysticks, button boxes and rudders.

IL-2 CloD game mapping

CloD understand all the Jabo console's axes but only buttons 01-32 with any USB game controller. That's why you need the vJoy and Joystick Gremling apps to map the necessary default CloD's key commands to the console's buttons 33-64. Those are the button numbers which CloD don't understand.

Throttle and RPM-levers friction adjustment

Adjusting Jabo Console handles' frictions.

The Jabo console has small service hatches next to the grooves of the throttle and RPM handles which are fastened with 4M hex screws. The same four screws also fasten the entire lever mechanics, so when adjusting the throttle handle, open only one screw and loosen a little another.

Then open the "service door" cover using the second screw as the "hinge" as shown. You can get more friction on the handle by turning the clear friction bolt shown in the picture clockwise with a small 7mm wrench. However, do not overtighten so that the light felt pieces do not break.

When adjusting the friction of the small RPM handle, loosen both screws next to it and remove the cover but don't open the screws on the throttle side! These friction bolts must not be overtightened to prevent damage to the friction blankets!

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