Vintage Metal Throttle Console

I am building as handwork and also as a hobby universal "heavy duty" metal throttle consoles for WWII flight simulators and home cockpits. If you think that the jet ages HOTAS-controllers with the digital displays are unsuitable to your classy retro cockpit this is a real choice to you!

Fighter-Bomber Console - Technical features

This model was at first a Fighter console, but now it has so many new buttons, pots and other features that you can use it with jabos and two motor bombers, too! The outer steel shell of the console will be manufactured and painted industrially to dark gray with metal sheen.

Fighter throttle console.

These functions in the plan picture above are only for example how you can map that console in the IL-2 Sturmovik (Great Battles = BOS/BOM/BOK) simulator. All the buttons and switches are separated to the different sub groups so you can handle and find them easy with the VR-glasses, too.

  • Laser cut metal cover (1,5 mm stainless steel)
  • Metal case dimensions: 320 mm (lenght) x 160 mm (width) x 50 mm (height)
  • Mjoy 16 USB-circuit board as a "brains"
  • 2 x MagRez hall sensor axis to GVL224's Mechanic kits: throttle and RPM levers
  • 6 x potentiometer axis to radiators, mixture, cowling flaps and stabilizer wheel
  • 3 x digital rotary encoder axis to rudder, roll and elevator trimmers
  • 6 x metal push buttons for mission briefing (map), bombs mode and delay, motors selecting etc.
  • 8 x On-Off metal toggle switches for start, lights, canopy, bomb doors, air brakes etc.
  • 5 x On-Off-On metal toggle switches for FW190 trim stabilizer, autopilot left-right turn etc.
  • 6 x On-Off-On metal lever switches for gears, flaps, radiators, propeller pitch etc.
  • 1 x 4 position rotary switch for flare pistol and different flares
  • 1 x Covered On-Off toggle swith to eject
  • Throttle handle with 5-way thumb micro switch for zoom in/out, Track IR-center etc.
  • 2 x On-Off-On micro toggle switches for keyboard comms as TAB, ESC, ENTER, HUD etc.
  • Together up to 53 different switch and button functions

Price 440 + shipping

Other features

  • Hand made production with high quality components
  • One years quarantee to all components. If anything goes broken, I send a free new component
  • Big throttle handle material: aluminum tube covered with the heat shrink tubing rubber
  • RPM lever handle material: gray rubber
  • GVL224 metal levers have adjustable friction screws
  • Easy maintenance: most of the switches and buttons cables are assigned with the screws
  • With the VR Glasses pots, levers, switches and buttons are easily at hand

Accesories And Parts

GVL224 is manufacturing these mechanic levers. Some components which i use.

Subscription closed temporarily

I am not getting any new subscriptions before May 2018. I am now building all the consoles which are subscriped on 2017.

Universal throttle Console pictures

New universal throttle Consoles are painted dark gray.

New universal throttle Consoles are painted dark gray.

Inside view.

Bottom plate.

My Home Cockpit

LeR3_Kanttori's home cockpit: 52 NEC Multisync monitor, Fighter-Bomber Throttle Console,  Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur's KG13 Grip stick.